Journal Entries vs.
Gallery Posts

Private "Entries" are made in your Mobile app
Shared "Posts" are created when you share a mobile Entry to the Web site
Or, you can type a Post directly into the Web site
You can not (yet) edit your Mobile app Entries from the Web site
  • → To organize your Mobile app Entries you can create private "Categories" and "Labels"
  • → To organize Web site Gallery Posts we have predefined "Climate Topics"
  • We will listen to your input and add new Climate Topics as needed
Overview of the Mobile app:
Share a single Entry from Mobile app to Web site
With the mobile app, capture a journal Entry (text or photo). Then, click the gallery icon and choose a Gallery. You can optionally edit the post before publishing for others to see. Note: Neither your paper journal Page numbers, nor your Categories, Labels or Voice recordings are ever published — these are always private.
Share all Mobile app Entries of a given Label
In the mobile app, navigate to the Label and use the menu to select "Post to Gallery." All Entries that have this Label assigned will be combined as a single post to the Gallery. You can optionally edit the post before publishing. This is a handy way to make a tutorial.
Share a Mobile app Entry via email
When you click the share icon, the original, large version of the Entry's image is attached to the email, SMS message, etc. (When you post entries to a gallery, the resized, smaller images in your online database are used.)
Use Mobile app Categories & Labels
However you wish. Perhaps:
Category: Tomatoes 2019
    Label: Prudens Purple
    Label: Sarah's Black
    Label: Ivory Pear
Category: Soil Health 2019
    Label: Compost
    Label: Plot 1
    Label: Plot 2
If you are tagging individual plants (e.g., for seed saving), then it helps to create a Label to match each tagged plant.
Mobile app Index for paper journals
You can optionally assign a Paper journal Page number to any entry. This allows you to find paper records corresponding to digital records and vice versa. This is a simple and reliable system.
Add a future reminder in the Mobile app
In the Mobile app, when viewing the details of any Entry, click the lightbulb icon to generate a copy of the Entry for 1 year in the future but with the added: "Next time, I will...". This is a reminder of what you discovered, and it will appear just in time in your current journal entries, next year or when you specify.