Paper + digital

find photos by page#
find page# by photo
Example garden solution
Problem: You already carry a small journal that holds about a month of notes. However, it is now August, and the planting map that you sketched is in your May journal.

Solution: Open the App and quickly find your photo of the map page, searching category, label, or paper journal (title, date or #).
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Thin and light for your hip or side pocket, even for tight pockets
The App serves as a digital index:
  • Find photos/audio by journal title & page number
  • Browse photos to locate page numbers
Other papers
The indexing and labeling system is a great way to track photos or audio notes to accompany paperwork needed for any documentation or certification needs

Example farm solution
Problem: You have a vegetable crops almost ready for market and you want a quick way to post new pictures for your customers. You just don't have time to upload to a blog and all that.

Solution: Just click to convert a set of journal entries to a gallery post. You can optionally edit the entire post before publishing.
Flexible paper linking
Just click to link your current page# to a digital entry

It's optional — you can do this when you take a photo/audio memo or any time later
  • If you lose a journal, the person who found it can enter its GardenJournal.App/code online and we will help you recover it
  • Paper serves as backup if you forget your phone
  • Phone serves as backup if you forget your paper
Or make your own
Most of the app's features will work with any journal or notebook, so checkout YouTube how to make journals
Another farm example
Problem: You planted on various dates and you want to compare varieties for days-to-harvest.

Solution: Open the App and tap on the Label that you assigned to a variety. All entries for that label are arranged chronologically. Simply tap on 2 entry dates to calculate that days between the events.