Reducing the app carbon footprint

- Mobile App works offline
- Transmits only essential data
- Transmits only small images to the server
Why smaller images
Your images are reduced in size by 10x or more before being uploaded to your online database. These smaller images are fully adequate for online sharing, discussion and learning. The original, larger images are still on your phone, under /GardenJournalApp/, and will remain there even if you uninstall the app.
No custom fonts
Typography is important. We love a great looking font as much as you do. However, they come at a cost: bandwidth = electricity = carbon.
Elixir / Phoenix
We are a tiny company trying to make a useful tool. To be productive, small teams like ours often choose more mainstream frameworks to build such sites. But a web site built with such frameworks can use 5 to 10 times more electricty than the same system built with .
While the galleries are partly social, they are not "hang outs." Galleries are to help one another build resilience.
When in doubt, leave it out
There are a lot of fancy features that we could add. However, our goal is to give you a light, effective tool to help you learn and share knowledge about growing food, saving seed and storing carbon in your soil!
Offline app use
GardenJournal.App is designed to be primarily an app that you use offline. But when you are online, the Android or iOS app synchronizes (backs up) your content to your personal online database. This results in minimal data transmission. The online galleries are an exception, but gallery pages are designed for sharing knowledge and building resilience. We think that it's an appropriate use for this technology.