Garden Journal . App

Old habits for a new climate

 Keep a Paper journal
 Link digital images
 Link voice memos
— Cross-referenced
— so you can find it
 Private — your own, separate database
 Galleries — share examples of lowering carbon emissions & building resilience
 Galleries sorted by proximity to you

— Share tips or tutorials for building soil, growing food, conserving water, ...
— Share questions, events, seed collections, produce offerings, ...
Your gallery is yours, it's up to you, and it's FREE

Combine the GardenJournal.App app for Android

with these Paper Journals

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An iOS version will arrive in Fall, 2019.
Why a paper journal?
Resilience. No electricity needed. Make a quick sketch. Map a planting. Write freely without having to think about what an app requires.
Why paper + app?
If you have a camera... try the photographing of plants and animals and small landscapes. ...At the end of a year, tell me if you are not a nature-lover.
— Libery Hyde Bailey, 1902
Paper cannot take pictures or record voice memos. Apps can be constraining. Each augments the other. Learn more about paper + digital.
Why this App?
  • Voice record now — e.g., when your hands are dirty — write it down later
  • Write comfortably on paper — then add photos, voice audio, dates & more
  • Digital links to your paper pages
  • Handy "day-differ": Tap twice to calculate days between any two entries
  • More features will arrive as the community tells us what they need.
  • Optional:
GardenJournal.App can automatically combine entries to draft a story or tutorial to post to an online gallery
Is it private?
Yes — your "Entries" are stored in your personal database.

Only what you choose to share as a "Post" is shared in your gallery.

Experiment. Your feedback will shape how we build it. There are galleries for asking questions and suggesting features.
What about carbon?